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How to Zoom Camera about 10 times in iPhone 6 or 6s 2017

How to Zoom Camera about 10 times in iPhone 6 or 6s. If you had used iPhone 7 or 7 Plus then you probably knew that iPhone 7 and 7 plus both devices have 10 times Zoom in Camera. Yes, it’s true you can zoom 10 X or 10 times when clicking a picture or photo in iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. This isn’t possible on any other Smartphone. But today I am going to tell you a trick by which you can use this feature on any iOS device running iOS 10 or iOS 11 such as iPhone 6 or 6s. When you will use this 10 times zoom feature then Clarity and Pixels of photo or picture will absolutely be affected. The clarity will be decreased and pixels will be also decreased.

How to Zoom Camera about 10 times in iPhone 6 or 6s 2017

You haven’t need to download any app to zoom 10 times this is a hidden feature available in iOS devices running on iOS 10 or iOS 11 such as iPhones. I strictly recommend you to don’t skip anyone steps from the steps below. This is a very easy trick and you can easily use this trick if you read all steps below.

How to Zoom Camera about 10 times in iPhone 6 or 6s

Steps to zoom camera 10 times in iPhone 6 or 6s.

1. First of all, go to Settings of your iPhone or any other iOS device by Opening up Settings App present in your iOS device.

2. Then click on “General” option present in the Settings app. After that, a new page will appear to click on “Accessibility”.

3. After that click on the third option from the top which will be “Magnifier”. Then Enable the “Magnifier” option by clicking on the Button.
4. And also Enable the Auto Brightness option which will be present below of “Magnifier” option.

5. Now to use 10 times Zoom click or press home button thrice or three times rapidly. Then many options will appear. Click on “Magnifier” option.

6. After that, your iPhone’s Camera will be automatically open. To zoom 10 times Scroll the bar from left to right which will be present at the bottom and also is shown in the picture below to zoom 10 times. Now click the centre button to take photos. You can also use different colour filters by clicking on the filter button present at bottom right corner of the screen.
7. You can also select a number of filters or colour. There are filters like red, yellow, white and black etc. to put colour in photos.

NOTE:- The clarity of photo will decrease if you take photos by this method instead of taking photos from camera app of the iPhone.

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