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WhatsApp Business App That You Should Know

WhatsApp Business App That You Should Know.WhatsApp Business App is a new app from the Facebook-owned company designed for the businesses to communicate with their customers.WhatsApp declared many months ago that they were testing new ways to allow to all WhatsApp users to communicate with businesses, using their services.It does not mean that we will see ads and spam in the WhatsApp.The users can choose to receive messages from specific businesses. They can continue to use WhatsApp normally without any disturbance. This app allows businesses to chat with their customers. So, without wasting time I will tell you about the details and some exciting features of WhatsApp Business App.

WhatsApp Business App That You Should Know

WhatsApp Business will allow businesses to have access to analytics, giving them a comprehensive look at how often their customers interact with them.Businesses will also be able to easily manage their business account and personal account

Features Of WhatsApp Business App

1.WhatsApp Logo

It has the same general design as the WhatsApp logo, but the Business badge features a B rather than a phone icon and drops the white border.

2.Manage Personal and Business Accounts

Businesses have the option to migrate their business number to WhatsApp Business.They can install the WhatsApp Business app on the same phone as their personal WhatsApp account but have a different number tied to the business account.Users can also register a landline number for WhatsApp Business. In this case, too, business users can install WhatsApp on the same phone from which they operate their personal WhatsApp account.

3. Business Details

When signing up, WhatsApp lets businesses pick the most appropriate category – clothing & apparel, entertainment, finance & banking, public & government service etc – to define the kind of business they run.When a business installs the app the first time, it will have to accept new WhatsApp TOS (Terms of Service) and the Privacy Policy in order to use the app.

Types of business exists

Verified Business.ts name is directly verified by WhatsApp. When a business is verified, you will see a green badge next to its name, and the “✅” emoji in its push name, so you will understand that it’s official.

Unverified Business.It can use all business features, but its name hasn’t been verified by WhatsApp yet. In this case, WhatsApp will indicate to users who it may be.

4.Used By Small And Medium Business Houses

This app is easily available for Android, ios and Windows Phone platform. It is used on the  smartphones in order to benefits of all businesses features

5.Structured Messages

WhatsApp supports structured messages.A structured message is an advanced type of message that contains a lot of information, including text, image, action items, and the translation of the message.The communication will be very easy also between different language.

6.Business Services

With this app, the business can offer different services to their users.For example, Airline will be able to notify their clients about delayed flights, you will be surely able to receive information about all your rides, in particular about carpooling.

7. Different Sections of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has two additional sections in the Setting s menu: Statistics and Business Settings. The Statistics section currently shows the total of messages sent, delivered, read and received, but more analytics-type tools are likely to roll out in the future.In Business Settings, users customise their profile and set automated responses for customers trying to get in contact during out of office hours.

WhatsApp Business App That You Should Know. This app allows businesses to chat with their customers.This app has many exciting features which help the businesses to communicate with customers.


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