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How to Watch TV Shows Online and Live for Free on iOS Devices

How to watch tv shows online and live for free on iOS Devices. Now the day’s people mostly haven’t time to watch tv shows on time. If one is busy and missed his or her favourite show’s episode then he can’t watch it on tv till the tv channel again show the previous episode. But you can see any tv show or episode on your iOS device for free. You can watch it wherever and whenever with the internet connection. You have to download a tweaked app which means the app not authorized by Apple’s app store but available on some sites for download.

How to watch tv shows online and live for free on iOS Devices

In this post, I’ll show you such an app which contains all channels in it by which you can select and watch your favourite show on that channel online for free. This app is named as “Aerotv”. Which offers you to watch tv shows for free. I’ll also tell you what is “Aerotv” and how it works.


How to watch tv shows online and live for free on iOS Devices

What is Aerotv?

Aerotv is a tweaked app which doesn’t available on the app store but is available on a few sites. This is a tweaked app So you can’t open it directly after you downloaded it from a site. There is a procedure to open or use tweaked apps on iPhone which I’ll tell you in this post. Aerotv also allows you to watch WWE online and live matches also. Which is a very cool and awesome thing. Aerotv tv contains all channels in the world such as kids channels, sports channels, Geography channels and news channels too. Main kids channel it contains are cartoon network, nick, Disney etc. most people loved to watch action cartoons So, they can watch them anytime with this app. I hope guys you will read full post or steps below because if you don’t do so then the app will not be open. Let’s have a look.

Steps to download Aerotv:-

1. First of all, I’m telling you that this app is only works on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad etc. So, iOS users must click on this link or type in your safari browser only not in any other.

2. After that, they will see a download option then click on that option. After a few second a pops up will appear and you have to click on install option rather than cancel option which will also present.

3. When the app is downloaded you can’t open it. When you will click on the app a message will appear on the screen and a cancel option only appears. To open it up you have to go to your iPhone settings then tap on general. After that many options will appear, Scroll down and you will see a new option which will not present before in your device. This option will be named as Profiles and device management. Just tap on it and it will send you a new option which will be the name of developer present in commas. Tap on it then tap on a link which will be present at top of your screen and at the bottom there will be the app’s image. After that, a confirmation will appear tap on Trust option As shown in the image.

4. Now you can easily open the app. After opening it you will see the logos of all channels tap on anyone you want to see. Then select a show and the episode.

5. And Enjoy.

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