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Very useful free apps that you’ll actually want to use on your iOS device.

Very useful free apps that you’ll actually want to use on your iOS device. If you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then you probably want to download some apps that are awesome or magical and which aren’t known by your friends to Show off to them. And if you want to make your iPhone faster then you know at the right place. Because today in this post I will tell you about such two apps which are very useful and you will want to delete them after using them for the first time. These apps will also help you to make your iPhone faster and smoother. Today in this post I will tell you about such two apps which aren’t known by anyone but are awesome. You can also Show off these apps to your friends to make them feel jealous. So, without wasting time let’s get Started.

Very Useful Free Apps that you’ll Actually Want to Use on your iOS Device. 

1. Battery Life.

This app is one of my favourite apps which I use daily. This app isn’t like a battery saver or battery doctor but this app tells you about such information about your iOS device’s battery which anyone cant tells. The first and main feature of this app is that it tells you that how much power of your iOS device’s battery is affected by continuous use. This app tells you that how much you have to charge your iPhone to increase its power of storing electricity to keep its battery in good condition. If this app shows you to charge 60% battery to keep it good then it means you have to replace your iPhone’s battery with a new battery. This app also tells you that how much time your iOS device can continue work on 3G, 4G, Video, Wifi, Talktime etc. which any other app can’t tell you. This app also allows you to check that how much mAh power your iPhone’s battery still can store which is a pretty cool thing. This app is available for free on App Store. This app is made by a developer named as “Victor Robinson”. I hope you liked this app if yes then tell us about this app in the comment box.

2. Dr Cleaner.

This is not like another app which boosts your device by running a fake security scan like antivirus apps but this app is pretty cool and has some great features. Its first and pretty cool feature is that it can increase your device storage about 500 MB (MegaBytes) by removing some junk stuff from your iPhone which can’t appear in iPhone but is made in it of rust which appears in metal. This app really increases the storage if you can’t believe then just use this app and check the storage of your iPhone before using it and then see the storage of your iPhone after using it. You will be shocked by seeing its function. The device storage increase after a few seconds when you run increase storage feature in this app. The second and cool feature is Photo scan which is available in this app. By this feature, this app can automatically detect same pictures or pictures which are clicked two times and then show these pictures to you and also can delete them on your fingertips and by your permission. You haven’t need to find the useless pictures saved in your device two times.

Very useful free apps that you’ll actually want to use on your iOS device. I hope you had liked this post. If you want such a more cool trick or tech news then keep using our site daily because we upload new trick daily and before others also.

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