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How to send money from Airtel payments bank (My Airtel) to Paytm. (2017)

How to send money from Airtel payments bank (My Airtel) to Paytm. (2017). Now the days India is going modern in the field of tech. And E-money is also being used by most of the people of India. And My Airtel app which is an Online payments bank and Paytm which is also a Payments bank they both are most trending apps being using for payments in India. Both apps offer some benefits which are for a limited period. So, most people want to use these benefits if they are using different apps means if a person added money to My Airtel app but want to take benefit of an offer of Paytm then he can’t transfer money from My Airtel app to Paytm which is very annoying. there is only a method that transferring money from My airtel app to Bank and then add this money in Paytm through net banking but My Airtel app charge a fee which is 2% of money you want to transfer to bank But today I have a trick by which you can easily transfer money present in your Airtel payments bank (My Airtel) to Paytm without any charges and Hundred Percent Legally. This is the very easy trick which you can use whenever you want. So, without wasting time let’s have look on the steps written below. I recommend you to don’t skip any of the steps written below because if you skip anyone step then you will absolutely face some problems while sending money from My Airtel App to Paytm. So, without wasting time let’s get started.

How to send money from Airtel payments bank (My Airtel) to Paytm. (2017).

Steps to Send Money from My Airtel App to Paytm App.

1. First of all, open up you’re My Airtel app and click on “Payments Bank” option to see your Airtel Payments Bank Account.

2. After that, you will see an option named as “Online card” as shown in the picture below. Click on that option.

3. It will take a few seconds to open then a Debit Card or ATM card will appear as a picture. Note all information from the debit card such as Card Number, CVV Number, Name on the card and also the Expiration date.

4. After that open up your Paytm App and Sign in your account. Then Click on “Add Money” option which will be the first option and is also shown in the picture below.

5. Then type the amount you want to add in Paytm app from My airtel app. After that click on Add Money option.

6. Now a page will appear where a column for the card number and other options will be present. Type all information which you had noted from My Airtel app’s “Online Card” option. After that click on Proceed to pay option.

7. After that select which one method you want such as Recieve OTP to complete payment or select Pin number option if you want to type Airtel Payments bank Pin number.

8. Then your Money present in My airtel app will be deducted and added to Paytm.

NOTE: Sometimes Paytm shows an error occurring page while you click on proceed to pay option but don’t worry just try all steps after a few minutes then it will work properly.

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