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How To Record Clash Royale Gameplay In iPhone

How To Record Clash Royale Gameplay In iPhone

Clash Royal

Clash Royale is one of the freemium mobile strategy video game which is published or developed by a Supercell. Well, the game combines elements from an antique tower defence, card games, and multiplayer online battle arena. The game Clash, Royale was introduced on March 2, 2016.


In a game Clash Royale, mainly players are ranked by their trophies, arena or level. The maximum level is thirteen which is not easy to obtain. To acquire this maximum rank, a person needs to have experience from levelling up cards. In this gameplay, there are total 71 cards, 12 arenas and with each arena, there is having an assured trophy limit.

• Battle Gameplay-

If a player destroys more towers than the opponent, then he/she wins a battle. The player achieves an automatic three crown victory.

• Chest-

In the gameplay, if a player wins in multiplayer battle, then they will get a chest. To win this award a person needs some time to release depending on the anomaly of the chest. It takes different levels of time such as Golden Chests take 8 hours, Legendary and Super Magical Chests take 24 hours, Silver Chests take 3 hours to open whereas Epic and Magical Chests take 12 hours. Gems are used to purchase a Chest or can also be used to speed up unlocking. Well, Chest contains gold, cards, crown chest and free chest also contain the gems.

• Cards-

In the gameplay, there are presently 71 cards in Clash Royale with four rarity and three types (troop, spell and building) of cards. The players can easily achieve cards by requesting from the clan and opening chests.

• Gold and Gems-

Gold and Gems are used to buy or upgrade the cards from shops. Gold can be earned by opening chests and donating cards. The victory gold is simply based on the player’s arena. Well, Clash Royale represents a player’s ability to buy gems in a card shop using the real money. Gems simply used to enter challenges and start the tournaments, purchase chests, gold and cards from the shop.

• Battle Arena-

Well, a player’s battle through 12 arenas that desires an assured amount of trophies. These are given below:

1. Training Camp
2. Goblin stadium
3. Bone Pit
4. Barbarian Bowl
5. P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse
6. Spell Valley
7. Builder’s Workshop
8. Royal Arena
9. Frozen Peak
10. Jungle Arena
11. Hog Mountain
12. Legendary Arena

• Clans-

The players may also form the clans but they are on level 3 to take part in clans. The members of clans are duly engaged in friendly battles with each other. The output of these battles doesn’t affect chests or trophies. The clan members also request or donate cards from one another.

• Clan Battle-

There is another feature which was released on March is Clan Battle Chest and Clan Battles. The 2 players start to fight the battle with their 2 opponents who was from the another clan. This is one of the new update i.e. Include the latest game mode.
Tournament and Challenges-
Well, in July 2016, Supercell launched the latest feature of Tournament and Challenge. These both features are normally unlocked at the stage 8. Tournaments can only be developed by using gems but sometimes it depends. The players are awarded with chest tournament, based on tournament performance.

• Leagues-

Leagues were also added in March 2017 to the game. Players are placed in above 4000 trophies from Challenge 1 to Ultimate Champion.

How to Record Clash Royale Gameplay in iPhone

Most of the Clash Royale gamers don’t find a method to record iOS gameplay videos. There is an app known as SmartPixel Mini which helps you to record and it works same as MAC os x QuickTime. This app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod.It’s a screen recording app for Apple brand. This can do wonderful things such as capturing screenshots, videos and also video sharing to the YouTube in a shortcut. The steps are as follows:

Step 1– Download a Screen Recorder i.e. SmartPixel Mini from the app store.
Step 2– Click on screen recording.
Step 3- Click on Start Recording after choosing an orientation.
Step 4– Then you start playing Clash Royale.
Step 5- After capturing the gameplay then return again to the SmartPixel Mini. Then finally, you need to click on stop screen recording.
Step 6– You can edit your videos and get them from local albums by clicking on the Output button.
Step 7– then you can simply search out videos from your local albums.

Features of SmartPixel Mini-

• It captures fluent screen without any lag on the game.
• There are some good factors that you can use it easily, free of cost and also a functional video editing option available in it.
• It mainly exports multiple numbers of formats and does an unlimited sharing to the social platforms only by one click.
Non-Jailbroken Devices-
If you are a constant player and watch gameplays across the internet then you must hear about Shou.TV. Well, this is a community for iOS and Android both gamers to distribute their gameplays. These gamers can watch and play their favorite games and make new contacts and friends. Shou.TV team makes the job of a broadcast easier that application named as an airshow. This application is used to record the screen of a device. It means now you can simply record your own Clash Royale gameplay.

No need of Jailbroken device-

Well, you have no need to Jailbreak your iOS based device because airshow works fantastically without exploitation. With the app airshow, you can easily record the app first then tap the record. With the Display recorder; you can easily release many recording features within Apple device. You can start the recording inside Clash Royale game with the help of these amazing display recorders. Just record your favourite game while playing it on your iOS based device and share the video with the whole world.






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