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How to Record Clash Royale Game Play in Android

How to Record Clash Royale Game Play in Android. Playing videogames is not limited to the gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation anymore. Android is the new name in this category which is capable of running a variety of great quality games and applications. There are many categories of mobile games of android such as arcade, strategy, racing or action etc. due to the stunning graphics effects, and ease of availability, many Android games are getting popular. One of the popular strategy games is clash Royal, which is played by millions of users worldwide.

Actually, it is the improvised version of the clash of clans because you will get famous characters of that game such as wall breakers, archers, barbarian kings and giants etc. It can be played in both offline as well as the online mode with players from every continent. This is a simple strategy game in which you have to destroy enemy tower while defending your own.

How to Record Clash Royale Game Play in Android

Along with playing it, the feature of recording has also been introduced. Yes, now you can easily record every activity of your game play with the help of third party applications availed for Android. Just like the game is free, the recording apps are also available for free of cost in play store.

Download clash royal game play

The first thing you need to do is downloading this game from authorised Google play store or any website which is providing .apk files. A downloading link of clash Royale is provided here from which you can easily get this game directly to your Android device. If you are using a PC or laptop then ask file of clash Royale can also be downloaded from this link. Just click on any of the above and the downloading will start automatically. It is around 98 MB game, so make sure that you have enough data and good internet speed. Using wifi instead of mobile data will be a better choice if you can. As being a play store user, it will be downloaded instantly without asking any permission, but if you have downloaded the app file then follow this procedure of installation:-

1.Go to the storage place where the app file of a game is saved.

2.Now tap on the file and it will as for installation by using package installer of Android.

3.Allow it to install, and make sure that your Android device is privileging to install third party software, if not allowed yet, do it now manually.

After the ending of the installation process, it will ask either to run or press done to finish the process. Now you can easily play this awesome game on your Android device.

Record Clash Royale game

Don’t just play and exit the game, now you can do lots more interesting stuff such as record everything that you are playing. It is possible with the help of various third party software applications. Whenever you start playing the game, the recording app will integrate automatically and start recording according to your command. There is not a single process, actually many applications are available on the internet which is capable of doing this, but only few can maintain the video quality. Here is a list of some applications which can be helpful in this recording clash Royale game:-

MirrorGo Android Recorder

1.This application is a single solution for recording, capturing and sharing your game record with any other person. This application is free of cost and can be used for both streaming and record the screen. Some of its interesting features are:-

2.You can record the screen of clash Royale and share it with your friends to show your score through various social media applications such as WhatsApp or snap chat.

3.This app also allows you to synchronise files between your PC and Android device.Along with recording screen of clash Royale and many other games, you can also mirror your android screen directly to the PC, so that a big and clear screen will be visible. It requires .net framework 4.0 or higher to perform this activity.

Mobizen screen recorder

This screen recorder for android devices is capable of recording games in high definition video quality. It is awarded as best of 2016 apps last year because of the following features:-

1.You can get the best pixels resolution of 1080P while recording clash Royale or any other game on your Android device.

2.It is not just about recording, but you can also edit the recorded video trimming and cutting tool.

3.This app is provided by Samsung Company, so you may consider it as one of the robust and reliable applications of recording.

One shot screen recorder

As illustrated from the name, this screen recorder of clash Royale is very convenient to use and totally free. Some of the simple and unique features of this app are:-

1.You can enable the recording of the game by opening an app and clicking on the red button at the top right corner of the screen.

2.A floating action button of red colour will appear on screen after opening clash Royale game, just tap on it to start the recording. The recording will automatically stop after closing the application.

3.The integration capability of this app allows you to directly upload your recorded video to YouTube instantly. All you need to do this is a powerful internet connection.

These are some great screen recorders of the android platform which can be used to record your favourite clash Royale game. You can record it and share with competitors to show off the new high score or spell powers. If your Android device is 5.0 or above then there is no need to worry otherwise some of them applications require root privilege.

Features of Clash Royale

1.Play duel player game with millions of the users across the whole world.

2.This is a strategy game, in which you can construct the battle deck according to a unique strategy for defeating the enemy.

3.In this interesting game, you can upgrade the cards collection with spells, troopers and lots of defences.

4.To unlock rewards of new powerful cards for up-gradation, you can earn chests during game play.


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