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How to pre-order iPhone X as fast as possible.

How to pre-order iPhone X as fast as possible. As you all know that whenever the great tech giant Apple launch a new iPhone then always there is a shortage of stock. Now iPhone X is releasing and pre-orders are also going to start in few days but it is true and definitely confirmed that there will be a shortage of iPhone X in Stock. If you want to buy an iPhone X before your friends or any other then you can do so. I am going to tell you such a method by which you can pre-order iPhone X as fast as possible and easily. I am not saying that by this method you will definitely be successful to pre-order an iPhone X before others but your chances will be increased if you follow the method below. There are two methods of pre-ordering iPhone X before others and both methods are explained in this post. I strictly recommend you to don’t skip any step below if you skip any step then you will definitely face some problems while pre-ordering an iPhone X. So, without wasting time let’s get started.

How to pre-order iPhone X as fast as possible.

(Method 1) Steps to Pre-order an iPhone X fastly:-

1. First of all, open up App Store app and download the app named as “Apple Store”.
2. After that open up the app and select your country. If your country isn’t mentioned in the list then have a look on method two.
3. Then you will see the iPhone X at no. one in the list. Tap on it and then select the iPhone X by clicking on its Size (Size will be 5.8 inches) option. And after that select the carrier you want and then select the colour, Storage etc.
4. And at last, you will see a “Heart” on the top right corner of the screen as shown in the image below and tap on the heart.
5. Now the iPhone X is added to your favourites list and you will be get notified whenever the pre-order starts.
6. Mostly the pre-orders are starting midnight or at 3 AM all over the world and I am recommending you to wake up at midnight if you really want to buy an iPhone X before others.

(Method 2) Steps to pre-order iPhone X fastly:-

1. If you are using internet connection by a carrier then you probably know that your carrier is offering an iPhone X for pre-order or not such as Jio is one of them.
2. Then contact your carrier helpline or customer care and ask them to tell you all about the offer they are offering regarding iPhone X.
3. Then pre-order the iPhone X as they tell you. Amazon is also offering iPhone X for pre-booking. So, according to me, this is also a good method to pre-order an iPhone X as soon as possible.

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