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How To Play Clash Royale In Windows PC

How to Play Clash Royale in Windows PC. After such a long busy hour people need something interesting to refresh their mind. Most probably they are going to select the game which does not require any physical move. Nowadays, a huge number of games are available to spend free time. Among all these games most probably they would like to play the video games. Clash Royale is one of the best and latest game available for people’s to play. This is an interesting and multiplayer mobile game. The game is an upgraded version of Clash of Clan. The each and every level of the game is designed with the latest technique. The animation series in the game is so attractive and the background sound in the game is also audible to the users. There is lots of character in the game such as; a prince, queen, baby dragon, knights, soldiers. In this, the players are ranked by trophies. Here, you have to kill the king of the enemy and escape princesses from tower to win the trophies. The maximum level in this game is thirteen. You can also create your own battle group by giving your cards to others.

Playing game is not only all about the fun. Sharing your game record with the friends on social media site like; Twitter and Facebook are more interesting. Clash Royale also allow this feature. You will be able to show off here game records and spell powers with friends which are your competitor in this game.

How To Play Clash Royale Game In Window PC:

This game is designed to play on the Android and iOS devices. To play the game on large screen means having more fun as compared to play it on the mobile screen. The technology is so versatile that it take care all the needs of the users. Any game developed for the Android smartphone does not mean that you are not able to play this on the system or on large screen or computer. You can play the game on Window PC as well by downloading android’s emulator. There is lots of android emulator’s available to install on your computer.

Some most popular emulators are:

    Bluestack emulator:

This emulator supports multitasking apps. This emulates the Android system and allows you to enjoy all the Android apps and games on your system. The advantage of the Bluestack is that you can use your messenger account such as WhatsApp on the computer. This window software is mainly for play Android games on the Window PC. Just need to download and install this software on your system. After downloading Bluestack, click on next button to install it. The Bluestack supports 40 languages; you can select your desired language after installing it. Once the installing process completes you should have a window available on your system, here just log in to your Google play account for further process.

    Genymotion Emulator:

This is one of the best free android emulators. This emulator is easy to use and detect the keyboard and mouse of the system automatically. The android emulator beginners have no problem while using this. You can set the size of windows or rotate windows when the android application is launched and also enables the geolocation options. This emulator is considered as the best alternative of Bluestack. Here, drag and drop installation of apps and games are available on the computer.


This is the newly introduced Android emulator with advanced features for the PC which runs fast with more and stability and compatibility. This is a user-friendly software and easy to use. This allows the user to install any application on the system, play the game with ease, read stories and to use social apps. This is light software enables you to install the android apps from google play store and also use the apps not available in the play store.

    Remix OS Player:

This is the only one emulator amongst all that runs on Android marshmallow instead of android lollipop or kit kat version. Use of this software is quite easy as compared to many applications of this category. This is developed for the gaming; there are lots of options available to customise the screen.

After downloading and installing any one of the emulators of your choice, you have to run it and install the Clash Royale Game from the Store. As you run the emulator, a window appears on the system and your first step is to log in to your Google account.

Following steps are used to download the Clash Royale game on your System:

Go to the search box of the emulator and search for Clash Royale.

After few seconds you have lots of options available on the screen related to your search.

Click on the install button next to the Clash Royale Icon.

As soon as the installation process completed, you will get the game on your computer.

Now move to the My App tab available in the emulator and press the open button and start playing the game on your PC.

Features of Clash Royale Game:

Multiple players across the world in the real time can play the game and take their trophies.

When Players are fighting they can motivate each other or opponents by leaving messages as good luck on the chat box.

Defeated player can leave a crying face in chat box available on the corner to the opponents.

Challenge opponent and friend to a private duel.

Players are able to share their card with other to create a battle group.

Allow players to donate their troops in order to help their friends to level up faster.

Helps players to see numbers of members are in the clan and how many of them are online.

Players would be able to test out their troops.

One can earn gems by removing trees, flowers or by asking for gem mine on social media sites such as; Twitter and Facebook because gems heel the troops instantly and also help to build players faster.





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