New Mobile Fidget phone an innovative gadget and device

New Mobile Fidget Spinner an innovative gadget. As you all know that the fidget spinner was famous among the youth and kids a month ago. Still many different types of fidget spinners are launched such as some spinners now contains more than three barrels and some contain only two barrels. There are also some spinners which are made with an innovative design like some spinners are shaped like a cube and known as fidget cube. Today I’m going to tell you about a revolutionary and innovative spinner named as Mobile Spinner by which you can also call to anyone. There is a sim slot in the spinner. buttons are made to type phone numbers. This is worlds slimmest and smallest Mobile phone ever. The company who had made this phone is named as “chili”. You can easily buy this Mobile spinner from Amazon or Flipkart. It’s features, price and specifications are written below which will help you to make the decision that this Mobile spinner is ok for you or not.

New Mobile Fidget Spinner an innovative gadget

Features, Price, Specifications.

This Mobile spinner is available in Four different colors:- red, blue, golden and black. This is very slimmest and smallest mobile phone you have ever seen. This Mobile spinner worth Rs. 1,149 or $18. You can also see this spinner in the picture or image below. This is an innovative idea of converting a toy into a gadget. This Mobile spinner is a mixed creation or version of a gadget and a toy. This Phone contains 32 MB Ram and 32 MB internal memory. There are D20 Speaker in this Spinner Phone. There is 280 mAh battery power. You can also view images in this phone spinner because there is an image viewer also.

This mobile spinner contains two sides as barrels. One side contains a black and white small screen as in watches and other side or barrel contains buttons for dialing or typing number as shown in the picture. There is a charging port on the spinner phone. The best thing is that this mobile spinner support contacts saving feature means you can save any mobile or phone number in this mobile spinner gadget. If you want such a device or mobile phone which allows you to save phone or mobile numbers then the good thing is that this device is cheap as compared to other mobile phones.

Today world is a smart world and people can’t survive without smartphones according to me. So, I thought that you should not buy this mobile spinner to only use as a phone. You can buy this mobile spinner as a secondary phone which you should use only for taking calls or for calling others because there is the option to save anyone’s mobile number.

I hope now you can easily take the decision that this mobile spinner is convenient and okay for you. You can now buy this phone to show off to your friends and also you can use it as a secondary mobile phone. If you had liked this post then please share it on any social networking app by clicking on the buttons below. If you want to get notifications whenever we upload new tech news or hacking trick then click on the Subscribe button to Subscribe our site to send you notifications. These notifications will send you on your email or Gmail account.

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