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iOS11 Tricks that You didn’t Know

iOS11 Tricks that You Didn’t Know. IOS11 is the latest version for Apple devices. The IOS11 full version isn’t released yet but the gm version means gold master version is released for beta users. If any of you had downloaded IOS11 betas or his iPhone is running on ios11 beta then this is a very beneficial post for you. In this post, I’ll tell you a few latest and unbelievable tricks step by step which is related to ios11. These tricks are easy and only works on ios11 devices. There are three tricks only but they are wonderful that you hadn’t seen ever before. At first there is a trick to hide docks (which is present at bottom of screen where four apps are present), At second I’ll tell you to place docks on the side screen or in widgets (present at left side of home screen where Siri suggestions, news, weather etc. display), And at last I’ll tell you to customize app opening animations such as when you open up an app the app shows like its size is increasing then it open but after this trick all apps will open from side of the screen. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

iOS11 Tricks that You Didn’t Know

iOS11 Tricks that You Didn’t Know

* Steps Place Docks on Side screen:-

1. First of all swipe your finger down from the second or third page of your home screen.
2. Don’t fully swipe it, Just a little bit. When you see that the top side apps are blurring to open search section then rapidly press the home button.
3. After that just swipe from the left side to open side screen. And you’ll see the bottom docks at side screen also.

NOTE:– Sometimes this trick doesn’t work but don’t worry try to repeat these steps two or three times then this trick will work. This trick workes fine but sometimes when we do this trick for the first time then there are most chances of a mistake by us, which is a common thing. And also this trick only works for one time after that you have to repeat this procedure. Sorry for that but it is cool and awesome by which anyone can be shocked.

* Steps to hide docks and change animations.

1. Go to the side screen and after that scroll down to go to the bottom of it. Then make your finger ready to swipe rapidly.
2. Then press the home button and when you will get to home screen then rapidly swipe from right to left. Just like if you want to go to the second page of home screen.
3. Then your docks will automatically hide and when you open up an app. The animations will be changed. The app will open like it is opening from side screen.

NOTE:- This is a fast track. Sometimes one can’t swipe finger fast as need. So, he/she can also do this trick by just repeating these steps as fast he/she can. After that one can shock his or her friends by showing this latest and uncommon trick.

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