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iOS 11.2 Developer Beta 1 is Released before iOS 11.1 Final Beta

iOS 11.2 Developer Beta 1 is Released before iOS 11.1 Final Beta. Here’s What New Features are ThereThis is a very shocking thing that for the first time the tech giant Apple has released the iOS 11.2 Beta 1 before its previous final version which is 11.1 and the final version of iOS 11.1 is still pending but Apple just released the bigger one which is iOS 11.2 Beta 1. For those people who don’t know about Beta version, I will explain that what are Beta versions and how they aren’t available for download or install in your devices. Today in this post I will also share with you that what are the changes and new features available in iOS 11.2 Beta 1 version. So, let’s have a look at the post below. First I will tell you the meaning or motive of Beta versions and also that why they aren’t available on your ios device now. After that, I will tell you the new features of iOS 11.2 Beta 1 version. Without wasting time let’s get started.

iOS 11.2 Developer Beta 1 is Released before iOS 11.1 Final Beta. Here’s What New Features are There

What are Beta versions?

The word Beta means a version or software available for testing. Yes, Beta versions are testing versions and are only available for testing purpose or public feedback also. So, there will be a question in your mind that if they are for public feedback then why you aren’t available on your iOS Device. To download them you have to Agree on some terms and conditions made by Apple to download and use these Beta versions in your device. These terms and conditions are so lengthy but the main thing said in these terms and conditions is that you cannot complain against apple if you find any problem on your iOS device if you had downloaded a beta version on your iOS device because these are testing versions So, there are many problems and bugs in these Softwares or versions. The Beta versions are also of two types one is Public beta and Second is Developer Beta. Public Beta can be download by any person by agreeing to the terms and conditions but the developer beta is only available for those people who have a Developer Apple id. A Developer Apple id is available for those who want to publish or upload apps or games on App Store or one can also make a Developer Apple Account by paying some dollars online on Apple’s official site to make a Developer Account. There are many benefits also for those who have a developer account. And developer Beta versions are also available to developers before the public or public Betas. If you want to download public betas then Search in Safari as “Apple Beta Software Program” and then click on the first site that will appear in the browser. After that, you will be able to download public betas on your iOS device.

Changes and New Features available in iOS 11.2 Beta 1.

There are a bulk of new changes but most of the changes aren’t much important. Only important changes and new features are written below.

1. If your iOS device or iPhone is running on iOS 11 then you will see that when you press the Sleep/Wake button twice or two times rapidly then you will go to the Lock screen of your device. But in iOS 11.2 Beta 1 this will not happen. If you press sleep/wake button two times the home screen will be opened.

2. There was also a bug in iOS 11 which you had also seen that when you switch or power off your iPhone and then turn it on, Screen will be black for a while and then turn on but this is not happening in iOS 11.2 Beta 1.

3. There was also a bug in iOS 11 which is that when you type “1+2+3” rapidly in the Calculator app then it will show you 23 or 24 in Answer instead of 6. This bug is also removed in iOS 11.2 beta 1.

4. If you press Sleep/Wake button and Volume up or down button at the same time then the volume will be increased or decreased but in iOS 11.2 Beta 1 nothing will happen in iPhone.

5. In iOS 11.2 Beta 1 there is also new emojis and some emojis are customized by Apple to make them realistic also.

6. If you go to widgets screen or Side screen of Home screen where Siri suggestions appear then if you scroll your finger from up to down then nothing will happen but in iOS 11.2 Beta 1 if you do so then Keyboard will appear to type in the Search bar.

7. And App Switcher or Multitasking screen also improved in iOS 11.2 Beta 1. Now it opens faster than previous versions of iOS 11.

8. There are also a couple of wallpapers available for all iPhones which are before available in iOS 8 or 8 Plus only.

iOS 11.2 Developer Beta 1 is Released before iOS 11.1 Final Beta. Here’s What New Features are There.I hope you had liked this post. If you want such a more tech news and hacking trick then keep using our site. Everytime you open our site you will see a new trick or tech news daily.

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