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 iOS 11.0.1 Is OUT! Didn’t Getting the Update? Then Here is How to Get Update.

 iOS 11.0.1 is OUT! Didn’t getting an update? Then here is how to get the update.iOS 11.0.1 is Available..s you all know that iOS 11 Beta versions are stopped when the original Final iOS 11 version was available two or three days ago. Then you also know that iOS 11.0.1 is Available know. But there is a bug made in which most of the people don’t get the update. This update is made for iPhone 5s or above but if you’re having an iPhone 5s or above and doesn’t get the update then it is a serious issue. This is that bug I’d told you. But don’t worry I have a trick by which this bug or problem can be easily removed and you can get the update and can enjoy latest iOS11.0.1 without making any effort. Before starting I’m going to tell you that if your device gets iOS 11 final version update but you don’t update yet then your device will get iOS 11.0.1 update direct. So, if any of you haven’t updated to iOS 11 then he or she can directly get update of 11.0.1 but if you’re not getting update then read this post and apply all steps mentioned below:-

 iOS 11.0.1 Is OUT! Didn’t Getting the update? Then Here is How to Get the Update.

Steps to Get iOS 11.0.1 Update:-

1. First of all, check whether your internet connection is fast if it’s slow then there may be a few problems occur when you apply these steps or method. So, firstly check your internet speed with any speed testing device. Speed must be 120 Kbps or above then it. If you have sufficient speed then open up settings app and click on General > Software Update as you know. Then check the update is available or not. If not then what is coming on screen, It will come that your software is up to date or An error occurred is coming on screen. Both are different types of problems and methods of solving them are also different but I’ll explain you both solutions.

2. At first, remove the Beta profile from your iPhone if you have downloaded it. To remove Beta profile Go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device management.

3. If you are getting that “Your software is up to date” then switch off your iOS device first. Then turn it on. When you turned it on then open up settings app, again and again, go to General > Software update. Then you will see that software update will be available if it doesn’t again available then completely close settings app by pressing the home button twice and remove it from multitasking as you probably know. Then open up settings app and you can now absolutely download iOS 11.0.1 version.

4. And If you’re getting that An Error showing “An Error occurred” or any other related to it then, first of all, delete all tweaked or hacked apps from your iOS device if you have anyone. And then Switch off your device. When you turn it on then check whether your VPN is on. If you don’t download any type of VPN ( It’s an app named VPN of different types like VPN robot etc.) then ignore it. And just open up Settings > General > Software Update. You can see that update is available for download and then you can download and install it easily.

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