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How to Hide Upper Bezel of iPhone X for Free.

How to Hide Upper Bezel of iPhone X for Free. Everyone is a big fan of the iPhone X considering iPhone X has a fully bezel-less screen diamond which is very tomfool and superstitious thing. But there is a notch on the top of the screen which doesn’t seem much coll and awesome. Most of the people may want to hibernate this notch or want a fully bezel-less design. It seems untellable but it isn’t impossible. It is possible and is very easy to hibernate this notch and make iPhone X fully Bezel-less. Today in this post I will tell you such a method by which you can hibernate the upper notch of your iPhone X which will make iPhone X totally Bezel-less iPhone. To do that you don’t need any type of accessories, the thing you need is just an app. To know all well-nigh this app lets have a squint at the post unelevated to know all well-nigh hiding notch and how to hibernate notch. If you want this article and more tricks uploaded on our site into simple words and in more detail then you can visit our new site name as ””. Where we upload new tricks in full detail.

How to Hide Upper Notch on iPhone X Using an App.

1. First of all download an app named as “Notcho” from the App Store. This app is misogynist for self-ruling on App Store.
2. Without downloading it open up the app and you will see well designed 12 wallpapers in this app (by swiping right to left) and an uncommon or variegated thing is that all wallpapers have a woebegone line at the top. You can save any app by clicking or tapping on “Save” sawed-off which will in floppy sign.
3. If you want to set an image as wallpaper then tap on “import” sign as highlighted in the image unelevated also. And without that select, the image you want to set and the image will moreover convert into an image having an upper black line.
4. Then you can set the wallpaper which you had saved from the app. And you will observe that the upper woebegone line of wallpaper will imbricate the upper notch of your iPhone X in this way that the upper notch will be subconscious automatically as shown in the image below.

How this app works.

The working of this app is very simple and you can hand understand the function of this app. This app gives us wallpapers with an upper woebegone line and this upper woebegone line match with upper notch and then upper notch seems to hide. By setting these wallpapers screen will seem to be a little bit smaller well-nigh 1-2 centimetres.

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