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How to Hide apps in iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.1 Beta

How to Hide apps in iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.1 Beta.Is this possible to Hide apps?Yes, it is possible. Sometimes you probably think about hiding some apps such as iMessage or photos for privacy. But now you can do this. Today I’m going to tell you such a trick by which you can easily hide any app in your iOS devices running iOS 11.0.1 or 11.1 Beta. You’re also thinking that if you hide an app then how you can open it after hiding it. This is very easy to open it. You can open it by searching it on your iOS device and You can also open it by asking Siri. The apps you hide by this trick are only hidden for a few times then you have to hide them again.

How to Hide apps in iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.1 Beta

If you want to unhide them then you have to restart your iOS device or switch it off. So, read this post completely, Don’t skip any step. Let’s get started.

How to Hide apps in iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.1 Beta

1. First of all, remove all or four apps present in the below line known as docks. Shuffle these apps on the home page then home screen’s bottom line will appear empty as shown in the picture.

2. Now you have to make a folder of apps which you want to hide. You can’t hide apps without making a folder. After that move this folder to the bottom empty line or dock. While apps are jiggling holde the folder and press home button twice. Be sure that you have opened one-two apps before it to open multitasking screen. Now when multitasking screen opened move your finger to above. Then you will see that the folder you were holding is showing on multitasking screen.

3. You have to place the folder in centre of multitasking screen as shown in the picture. Then release the folder and also remove all apps from multitasking screen (By swiping finger bottom to top).

4. Now you can see that the apps are hidden. You can hide any app such as settings, App store etc. To open up app search the name of the app in search or ask to open the app to Siri.

NOTE:- Sometimes this trick doesn’t work but don’t worry Just try to repeat all these steps again and again about 3 times. Then it will absolutely work. If you face any problem regarding this post then comment your problem in the comment box.

This trick works on all iOS devices running on iOS 11.0.1 or above. We don’t exactly know that this trick works on iPad pro or another running on iOS11.0.1 or above, Tell us in the comment box if you have an iPad pro or any other iPad. I hope you had like this post then please share it on any social networking app by clicking on the button below and subscribe our site to get notifications when we upload any latest hacking trick or tech news. Please comment your queries in the comment box, we will answer or solve your all queries if we can solve. And have a nice day.

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