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How to Get 3D-Moving Wallpapers on Any Android Device

How to Get 3D-Moving Wallpapers on Any Android Device. Sometimes you feel that Android Wallpapers are boring. Yes, it’s true I also feel that the wallpapers are so boring and now I’ve found that there are such two apps which gives you such type of 3D Moving Wallpapers of High Quality. These both apps are simple to use and available for free on Google Play store. One of them is a little bit difficult but don’t worry I’ll explain you all steps in detail then you can easily use them both.

How to Get 3D-Moving Wallpapers on Any Android Device

First of all, I want to tell you that these wallpapers may affect you Android Phones Battery Life because they need more battery power than your phone’s battery will decrease faster than before. It decreases only 2%-3% battery which isn’t much according to me. So, have a look at this post.

How to Get 3D-Moving Wallpapers on Any Android Device

1. 3D Wallpapers Parallax 2017.

This app is very simple. You can easily use this app by downloading it from google play store. It is free
and all features are available for free in this app. There are bulk of wallpapers in this app. You can select any one of them and then download it by clicking on download button which will be available in the app. After downloading you can see all downloaded wallpapers by tapping on the “Me” option present at the bottom as shown in the picture. Then click on “Downloaded”. After that, you can see all downloaded wallpapers. Then click on the wallpaper which you want to set on the home screen. The click on “Set as Wallpaper”. Then your wallpaper will be set. When you move or tilt your phone then you can see 3D look which will be very awesome and great. You can also select the quality of wallpaper as medium or high. There are superheroes wallpapers also such as Deadpool, Iron Man, Goku etc. Some of the wallpapers are only available for premium users but there are so many wallpapers available for free. All wallpapers are 3D and Work when you tilt your device, you will experience that wallpaper is coming out from the screen this is an unforgettable experience.

2. GifWidget.

This is also a free app on google play store. You have to pay to use this app but I have a trick to use it for free. The steps are written below to use this app for free.

Trick to use this app for free:-

1. After downloading the app from Google Play Store. Open up your phones Browser and Search “Animated Gif” Then you have to click on “Search tools” which will be present at the end of the bar where options like “ image, videos, web etc. are available” as shown in the picture below.

2. Now click on “colour” option then “transparent” option. Then click on any picture and these pictures will be moving like a GIF. Select any one of them and then save the image (By holding it and clicking on Save image).

3. After that close the browser and hold your finger on empty space available on your home screen as shown. then tap on “Widgets” which will be available at the bottom and also shown in the image below. Then swipe from right side of the screen to left side to open all pages as shown. Swipe until you see the icon of “Gifwidget”. When you see the app icon then hold it and drag it to the home screen as shown in the picture.

4. Then many options will appear, tap on device files option which will be the first option. After that, you can see the gif you had saved from the browser. Tap on it. Then the gif will set on the home screen and you can also adjust its size as shown in the image.

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