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How to free up Storage space in iPhone running iOS 11. (2017)

How to free up Storage space in iPhone running iOS 11 2017. Everyone probably knows that you cant increase Storage in iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad because there isn’t any Slot for inserting a memory card or SD card. In previous years the tech giant Apple also understood that their iDevices have low Storage which was 16 GB or 64 GB. So, Apple started making iOS devices to support 256 GB, 128 GB also. But if this Storage also seems to be low to someone then he can’t do anything to increase storage. In today’s post, I will tell you some tips by which you can easily free up Space in your iPhone or any other iOS device running iOS 11. These tips work 100% to save or free up space in your iPhone or iPad. So, without wasting time let’s have a look at the tips below.

How to free up Storage Space in iPhone Running iOS 11. (2017)

Tips to Free up Space in iPhone (iOS 11)

1. Turn on “Offload Apps” feature.

iOS 11 gives a new automated feature which automatically deletes apps which you never use but are still installed on your iPhone. By this feature, you will able to store the apps data which will delete automatically. It Means whenever you want to use any app which was deleted with this “Offload apps” feature, Will be starting where you have ended the game or app. This is a pretty cool feature. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Enable “Offload Apps” feature. This is a very easy method and you can apply it easily.

2. Turn on Automatic Delete Messages.

In iOS 11 there is an awesome feature also which allows you to delete the Messages from iMessage automatically. The Messages will be automatically deleted after a month or 30 days. This is very beneficial for those people who haven’t time to delete their messages. This is a fully automated process. You can enable it by going to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages > Then Click on 30 Days option. After enabling it your messages will be deleted after every 30 days. You can also Click on the 1-year option to delete messages after a year. This is a long period So, I suggest you click only on 30 days option.

3. Delete useless photos from Camera Roll.

Most people take 4-5 pictures at a time and only share best one from them. This is very useful because clicking 4-5 photos at the same time increase the chances of getting an unbelievable or best picture. But most of the time many pictures which aren’t much better aren’t deleted from Photos. This will also decrease the Storage of iPhone or iPad. So, I recommend you to keep checking photos in your free time and delete the photos which you don’t like or don’t need.

4. Take Still photos rather than Live.

As most people know that live photo feature is a magical and awesome feature available in latest iPhones but it takes much Storage on our iPhone and decreases the Storage Space. You also noticed that taking or clicking Live photos all the time isn’t seems good. One can also click Still photos in some situations. I recommend you to click Still photos instead of Live photos of you want to save Storage space on your iPhone.

How to free up Storage space in iPhone running iOS 11. (2017).I hope you had liked this post. If you want such more tips and tricks then keep using our site. We upload latest hacking trick before others and on regular basis.

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