How To Earn Free Food Through Zomato:

How To Earn Free Food Through Zomato September 2017: Zomato is online food service through which people can buy any sort of available food items. The buyers either need to pay online or they do get the cash on delivery option. The Zomato service allows the home delivery of the fresh food items and the instant service is known better among the users. As this service is total network based so the people do try to cheat and skip the payment, gather more discount etc. This is what we believe every one wish to do. But as there are network security walls so the users are not able to pierce through the payment. But certainly, there are some tricks available through which anyone could be able to but the food items for free of cost.

How To Earn Free Food Through Zomato:

Here in this article, we have written about that particular method only. If you also want to do free Zomato then please read up the method from the article!


# First of all, you have to know that you require to make up the new account on the Zomato so as to apply up to the method. Going for the method just follow up and make a new account on the Zomato.

# After you have created your all new account on the Zomato service, you will be credited with 50-200 rupees depending on your luck. Most probably the users are credited with 50 rupees only but if your luck works then you could get up to 200 also.

# Once you have got your credit start and search for the food items you wish to buy. You know that you get to search through multiple nearby restaurants so this step will be easier.

# Finalise to buy your selected items and then full up the Promo code SONU0344. This will further give you 100 to rupees cut off on your total bill.You can, therefore, buy the food of 150-300 for free! That is depending on the sign-up value you are credited.

# Let the food be delivered to your door steps. Enjoy the full taste at all for free of cost!

There could be so many promo codes available there on the internet that you can potentially use to get benefits on Zomato service. Just try to find these out. We are not sure that the method or the process that we described above will work. During our testing were have found it to be working so we just have written it all for you. Sometimes the things like network security and the offers values make up the changes that result in demolishing the various aspects. This leads to prevention of most pierce able ways for the hackers.!

The method stated above was all about getting the free food from Zomato. As you have already got, this method does not require any high tech skills or programming to hack over the systems to get free food. Through some simple methods, any of the users

could be able to perform this free food delivery from Zomato. We hope that you people liked this article and also got the benefits out of the method stated. Please share your opinions about the method with us through the comments section below!

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