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How to download iOS Developer Beta profile in any iOS device for free or without having Developer account.

How to download iOS Developer Beta profile on any iOS device for free or without having the Developer account. Most of you probably know that what is Developer Beta profile. If some of you didn’t know then I will tell you what is iOS Developer Beta Profile and for what purpose it is used. Developer beta profile allows you to download the Beta versions which are testing versions and releases before a final version of iOS devices and this is only made for people who had the developer account. A developer account is also an apple id but you have to pay money to convert your normal Apple ID or account into a Developer Account. If you want to download Beta or Testing versions made for Developers only then you have to convert your Normal Account into Developer Account. But don’t worry Today in this post I will tell you a trick or hack by which you can download the Developer Beta profile for free and without converting your normal account into Developer account. This is very simple and easy method and this method doesn’t need the computer or any other device instead of your iPhone in which you want to download iOS developer beta profile. I strictly recommend you to don’t skip any step written below because if you skip anyone step then you will face a few problems while downloading iOS Developer Beta Profile for free. So, without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps below.

How to download iOS Developer Beta profile on any iOS device for free or without having the Developer account

Steps to Download iOS Developer Beta Profile for free:-

1. First of all, open up your iPhone’s Safari browser and click here or type http://zerostore.co/iOS11.mobileconfig in your iPhone’s Safari Browser Only.
2. It will take about 5 seconds while you click on the link mentioned above. And a confirmation message will appear which will contain two options one will be “ignore” and another option will be “Allow”, Just tap or click on Allow option rather than “ignore”.
3. Now the webpage will be open in the Settings app. And there will be an only option on upper right corner of the screen named as “install”, tap or click on that option.
4. After that, you will see terms and conditions page, haven’t need to readjust tap on “Agree” option which will be present at bottom right corner of the screen.
5. Then it will ask your iPhone’s passcode. Type your passcode.
6. Now an option will appear asking you to restart your phone. Tap on “Restart” option to complete the procedure Successfully.
7. When your iPhone restarted then you can see that the developer profile by clicking on Settings > General > Software Update. And there will be an iOS version with “Developer Beta” extension.

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