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From Deck Strategies To New Cards: All You Need To Know About The Brand New Clash Royale

From Deck Strategies To New Cards: All You Need To Know About The Brand New Clash Royale
It is always exciting and the urge to know more arrives at the very moment when Clash Royale comes with a new batch of updates. We heard the new news set is half covered with data about new cards that have obviously added sprinkles to our excitement level.

Expected updates.  The last card update we saw was in December 2016 and here comes the March 2017 update. There are some players that are wondering what new cards and related updates would look like. Meanwhile, the rest of the players are watching out for card balancing updates.The Elite Barbarian Hut is the most expected update of all that was common to all the users. Goblin Gun, Queen Archer and Dragon add on to the list.

From Deck Strategies To New Cards: All You Need To Know About The Brand New Clash Royale

The Leaks – Post Release

Leaks are destined to happen. Before the March 2017 update, the leaks showed shades of the same. However, there were no official releases from the developer. According to the sources, gun, a queen Archer, a dragon and a hut were supposed to be arriving. On the off hand, the official release was planned to be on March 2 or 5th of the same month.
Post release, a similar procedure was planned to be followed. The next two weeks were supposed to be of cards. It was also expected that the upcoming update would contain some exciting new cards. As for leaking the name of the well-established leaker Clash Royale, it is none other than Open it Studio.Their fresh leak was about the Jungle Arena that comes with the new cards like Goblin Gang, Executioner and of course, the likes.

Knowing the New Cards….

As for the second sneak peek introduced by the Supercell, it showcased four new cards that included one legendary card. Two of the four were rare ones whilst the one left out was common.


This is totally epic and it hit the Jungle Arena being available for all the players in the arena. The card might cost around five elixirs. But then, the buy is totally worth it and you will see it with the air and ground damage. The executioner can be seen with a mighty axe that acts as a boomerang on the annihilating groups just in their way.

    Elite Barbarian Hut

The one that costs you nine elixir is Elite Barbarian Hut. If you wish to imagine it live, think of a regular barbarian hut as it looks similar. Add on two elite barbarians as well. Moreover, the hit points can be larger than the usual ones you see, an extra for being a rare card.

    Goblin Gun

Being a rare card and costing around four elixirs, every 1.5 seconds you can see a goblin gun shoot. As for the lifetime, it is 40 seconds.

    Queen Archer

The Epic card arrives with six elixir costly features. This could be considered as a baby dragon card given the massive size and the range of hitpoints. The card also is responsible for splash damage and has the capacity to handle great grandeur damage to buildings.

A few more….

    Dart Goblin

As we all would have known by now, Dart Goblin is a rare card presented for the players in the Jungle Arena. The Goblin is a 3-elixir card. The shoot out time frame is 1.5 seconds. As for range, we could consider a close at 6.5 max.

    Goblin Gang

This one is the Goblin value pack we all would have every wanted. The three-elixir craving pack gives you three spear goblins. Moreover, it comes with 3 more regular ones with swords. It is expected to populate innumerable decks as it is going to be a common troop

    Ram Battle

For a four elixir shot, Ram Battle seems to be a super value thing. This one is a rare card that arrives with two barbarians, not to forget the massive log. The card targets buildings and the impact leave no blinking space. Post log damage, the two given barbarians will be all set to see the final jabs at the very buildings and their swords will accompany them.

Clash Royale Deck Building

Synergy is something you wouldn’t want to let go as a special ingredient in deck building. The balance point and splash damage cards are two things you need to master as a player in order to understand deck building.

The two kinds of damage-inflicting cards in Clash Royale includes Point and Splash damage wherein the former deals one enemy damages while the latter deals with multiple units and the cards that deal the damages.

Defence as the primary strategy

The offence is one thing you use every time but then the importance of defence is to be learnt. Lack of knowledge in taking defence for your tower leaves you with no wins. This all takes place when you have attained a balance of handling both defence and offence according to the situations. Now that we are talking about balance, it is mandatory to cope up the melee troops and ranged units on your deck. Ranged troops have the tendency to have high damage per second comparatively yet with a lower HP. Here, you should be aware of combining the same with the melee troops. On the off hand, having too many melee troops is not a good idea either.

On a final note, maintaining the average elixir cost, your purchases, presenting at least a point 2 damage-inflicting cards and 3 as for the splash ones and 2 HP with 2 air-targeting is vital too. Furthermore, you should also have a hold of at least one spell card that deals with the splash damage, if any occurs. Equally important is the presence of a defensive structure card. For any given area, there are top cards suggestible that you can shoot in with elixirs. Make sure you handle your love-hate relationship with Clash Royale, the obsessive game in the right pace. For the same, proper support strategy should be your method.


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