How to Completely Erase Photos from Android

How to Completely Erase Photos from Android – Our Android phones contains the most precious and memorable pictures from vacations, occasions and daily life that we cannot live without. But in case you are getting rid of your Android phone or if you running low on memory then you will be required to empty your Gallery in order to make some room to take new pictures. We know, it’s painful to erase photos from Android and that’s why we will recommend to backup your pictures to PC first then follow the guidelines in this tutorial to completely erase photos from Android.

How to Completely Erase Photos from Android

In this guide, we will show 3 outstanding and easiest ways to delete photos from Android that could be used for personal and selling purpose. If you are erasing photos just to make some extra space on Android then use the first two methods but if you are selling or getting rid of your phone then better use a professional Android Data Eraser to completely erase the photos from your Android that we will share below.

How to Completely Erase Photos from Android

Way #1: Erase Photos from Android Phone Directly

You can simply erase all the pictures from your Gallery or Google Photos using the basic delete function. Remember, this is not a safe way to erase pictures and should be only used for personal purpose.

Step 1. Open Menu followed by Gallery.

Step 2. Your Gallery will show all the albums on your phone. If you are erasing only selective photos then open that picture and tap on the trash icon to remove it from your phone.

Step 3. If you deleting the complete album then tap on “More” > “Select All” and then click on the delete button to remove all the pictures from your Gallery.

Cons –

  • Like we mentioned, it is not a safe way to erase pictures.
  • Removed photos can be recovered with any data recovery programs.

Way #2: Erase Pictures from Android using PC

Another way to erase photos from Android phones is to completely delete the pictures folder from PC. A computer offers a wide variety of viewing options so that you can preview and erase all photos easily.

Step 1.Connect your Android to PC using a USB data cable and wait for your device to show in “My Computer”.

Step 2. Double click on your device name and find the “DCIM” folder. This is the folder used by Android by default to store all the pictures clicked from your Camera.

Step 3. Right-click on it once and select “Delete” to remove the folder from your phone. Alternatively, you can left-click on it once and press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.

 It will take few moments to delete the pictures depending on a number of pictures it is erasing. Kindly, do not disconnect your phone at this point.

Cons –

  • Remember that the deleted photos are not permanently deleted and can be easily recovered.
  • Time-consuming method.

Way #3: Erase Photos from Android with Desktop Data Erasing Program

Now, let’s get serious and see how to completely delete photos from Android beyond recovery. Honestly speaking, the above methods are not meant for safety and security and thus, in this final part, we are going to completely delete photos from Android making sure no data recovery tool can retrieve them back whatsoever. We are going to use a professional Android Data erasing tool called SafeWiper for Android to completely diminish every single photo from your Android phone permanently.

SafeWiper for Android is a desktop Android data removing a tool that is widely used for erasing all kind of data from Android smartphones such as pictures, videos, music, contacts, messages, apps, and app data and so on. It provides 3 sufficient ways to erase data and each deletion technique uses powerful algorithms to scan and further erase them completely from your phone.

Supported Operating Systems – Mac and Windows.

Compatible with the latest Android 7.0 version as well.

Procedure to Erase Photos with SafeWiper for Android –

Step 1. Get the latest version of SafeWiper for Android on your computer and install the program on your desired location. Next, launch the program and connect your Android phone to PC.

Step 2. Turn on the USB debugging mode on your phone so that the program can scan the subsystems of your device. You may enable the USB debugging mode from Settings > Developer Options.

Step 3. Select “Erase Private Data” and scan your phone. After the program completely analyzed your device, it will show every picture from your phone and finally, you can select them all and press on “Erase” to completely destroy them forever.


Done! Your phone Gallery should be empty now and you can click as many new pictures as you want.

Conclusion –

In this brief tutorial, we have shown the most exciting ways to erase photos from Android temporarily and permanently. This program works for all kind of phone brands like Samsung, LG, HTC and more.If you’re Samsung users, follow this tutorial to wipe Samsung galaxy phone. Depending on your situation, we will recommend using SafeWiper for Android to erase all data from your phone in case you have personal and private information on your device. Remember, hackers always find a chance to take a peek on your phone and expose all the details to ruin your credibility. Take a step further and do the wise thing for your life.

Hope you liked the article and found it helpful!


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