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How to check hidden battery percentage on iPhone X.

How to check hidden battery percentage on iPhone X. One of the first thing I always do after buying a new iPhone is to enable the battery percentage of the Settings. The only little battery indicator isn’t really helpful. It’s more of an estimation only. If you’re going to use your iPhone all day, it really helps in knowing exactly how much battery percentage is left on your iPhone.
But in iPhone X, there’s no settings object for enabling battery percentage in the status bar. Because of the notch, there’s no longer ample space on the proper part of the screen to put up the battery percentage. So now it’s hidden in the back of the Control Center. And to see it here, you don’t want to allow any setting

How to Check Battery Percentage on iPhone X.

On your iPhone X, swipe down from the top-right part of the screen – the right ear next to the notch. This will bring the Control Center.
But the method or way the Control Center animates in iPhone X, you see the top items first and fairly quickly as compared to others. At the top, you’ll find status bar icons that couldn’t fit next to the notch but now they can be placed there. The first item of which is the battery percentage.
To quickly view the battery percentage, swipe down just bit from the right ear. When swiping down, move your finger to the right corner so that your finger won’t cover the battery percentage when the battery becomes visible at the top.
Even before the controls of control center show up, you’ll see the full battery percentage. Swipe up again to dismiss the Control Center without even opening it which is very simple.
This same thing works in landscape mode too. Swipe down from the top-right section. First, the status bar will show up, then the controls.

iPhone X Control Center Contains A Lot.

The Control Center in iOS 11 is at an awkward place but it can do a lot. You can enlarge widgets to show extra controls and you can even add more controls to the backside of the Control Center.
If you locate it tough to get right of entry to Control Center on iPhone X, strive the usage of the Reachability feature.
If you want to recognize that how to personalize Control Centre on iPhone X then you can see the steps stated below.

How to Customize Control Centre.

iOS eleven introduced more controls to the Control Center. You can add more elements like an Apple TV remote, Low Power Mode toggle, Notes shortcut, Voice memos and more at the backside of Control Center

1: To change the controls or to add custom controls just Go to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls.
2: Tap on the green Plus button next to a control to add it to the list.
3: If you want To rearrange it, then you can use the handle icon to move it up or down the list.
4: If you want To remove a control, then just tap on the red minus icon.
All the changes will be reflected live in Control Center. So just swipe down from the right ear to see what the controls look like.

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