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Best Hacking Tricks For Ola To Get Free Rides:

Best Hacking tricks For Ola To Get Free Rides:  Probably most of the people are familiar with the immensely popular travelling services known as Ola Cabs. Through this service, people can easily book the cabs or the taxis for their specified routes online on the Ola App. This makes it amazingly easy for the users to book any taxes and call it to some location where they are staying. The online Booked cab reaches the location and carries the people to their destined place. Through the selected route and distance on the online services, the rates for the travelling are also shown instantly. This service is which makes you feel that you are not lacking any vehicle for travel aspects.

Best Hacking tricks For Ola To Get Free Rides

As stated above, the cabs can only be booked at some rate which the user needs to pay out after reaching the destination. The people do find up the ways to get discounts and even free cab faculties through the online service. Here in this article, we have written about the great ways through which anyone can get unlimited free Ola cab bookings. If you also wish to know about the methods them please go and read the whole article!


In this method, we are going to tell you how you can get free 100 rupees ride on Ola cab. After that, we will tell you how you can make it go to the unlimited amount. For this hacks please follow the below steps:

1. Download the app named Fake GPS Location Service. This can be found at the Google Play Store.

2. Open up the app and then go to the developer’s settings of your device. From there enable the ” Allow Mock Locations” option. Go to the About settings of the device after that and then click on the build number several times.

3. Locate the Indore on the Map after that and then Zoom to the map. Double click on the map after that.

4. At last just click on the Orange coloured play button. The app will create the fake location for your device and you can then minimise it.

5. Download the Ola App on your device and then register with all of your details to the service. Use up the refer code G43VAF. This code will return you with 100 rupees in the account that you can use for the booking of a cab.

6. Verify your mobile number after that and you will see that your account has been updated with 3100 rupees that you can actually use! This is the result of fake GPS location.

7. To make this amount go unlimited just try to put in the different location each and everytime after you exhaust your balance. Also, you will need to deactivate and activate again your Ola account with the new details.

This method is a case of piracy and you are actually cheating with the service providers. If through any way they caught you, you shall be poisoned for doing so. Be very careful regarding utilising this method. Also, make sure that you user some other mobile number which you can destroy in the case of emergency. Ola cab service is not available everywhere but still, for those who have this service enabled in their town, they can get out its benefits for free of cost. They just require

Ola cab service is not available everywhere but still, for those who have this service enabled in their town, they can get out its benefits for free of cost. They just require applying the above method for that. Unless they can carry on using the service but they will require to payout for there distances!


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