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Best Cheats For Ingress:

Best Cheats For Ingress: Ingress is the popular game that is somewhat different from all other games. The style of this game is, it is based on location based tracking of users. The users play the game to earn and hence go through the logics but there is certainly no damage or destruction included inside the game. Players increase the game level, but more often the users trick up the game to boost their performance. The users those who love to cover up the game through cheats and hacks, this article is all meant for them.

Best Cheats For Ingress: 

Here in this article, we have written about the best hacks and tricks through which the users can hack the Ingress game. Just follow up the article and know about those hacks and cheats for the game!

# Always Stick with Your Game:

Just follow one thing that you should carry your device with Ingress all the time. Make sure you never remain apart from the device and the game. You won’t know when shall the portal be nearby. So it’s better to not lose your portal by carrying your device everywhere.

# Be Close to Attack:

As this is the rule of physics, to hurt more hard you need to be closer as the distance matters a lot in clearing the power force. The same thing you should follow inside the game. Try to be super closer to your enemy portals while attacking. This maximises your attack caused damage.

# Busters vs Ultra Strikes:

The busters are all available in abundance inside the game. While Ultra Strikes are rarely provided to the players. Considering the power and the availability, players should always save the Ultra Strikes and utilise Busters more randomly.

# Utilising Power Cubes:

Save the Power Cubes that are the crystallised formation of the XM which are basically used to refuel XM supply. The best use of these power cubes are on the rainy days, so better prevent to exhaust these furiously.

# Refuel Through Recycling:

The another great way to refuel your XM is to throw the useless content to trash. The media content which is either of no use is the best things which would provide you with lots of fuel on recycling. Try it often to remain charged all the time!

# Mods:

The amazing items inside the game that helps to totally safeguard you are Mods. There are the different types of Mods named Portal Shield, Link Amplifier, Multi- Hack. Utilise these for great effects!

# Resonators:

While dealing with the making of Links and Fields always make sure that you have about 80 resonators. This should be considered compulsory because without this your fields and links won’t work!

So these were the best available cheats and hacks for the Ingress game. All these are the working and fully potent ways to increase in the game with boosted speed. We hope that you might get the benefits out of this article. Share your opinions regarding the article in the comments section below!


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