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What is AR(Augmented Reality) a new dimension of gaming.

What is AR(Augmented Reality) a new dimension of gaming?AR is a new dimension of gaming and its full name is “Augmented Reality”. With this iOS11, the latest iPhones and iPads become windows into a new way of seeing the world. This is a new dimension of gaming and is only available on iOS devices. With AR, You get up and walk around to move through an immensive scene. Walk things or characters from a game tramping over your couch. Battle Evils in a park, on a street corner, as though they were actually there. AR doesn’t need any type of special glasses as VR. It’s an Augmented Reality. In this post, I’ll explain you all about AR.

What is AR(Augmented Reality) a new dimension of gaming?

AR is a new way of playing smartphone games. It doesn’t need any type of special glasses or accessories. It uses cameras and sensors on your iPhone or iPad to understand the space around you and overlay enhanced experiences. You’ll shock when you use to play this type of games. There are about 11-12 games uploaded on the app store. You can download them and can play. You had also used AR dimension but you don’t know when you do so. If you had used Snapchat filters then these filters are also made with AR. Some of the games used AR quality are:- Stack AR, My very hungry caterpillar AR, The Machines etc. games are latest on App store and can be only played on iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. Don’t leave this post until you know how AR works.

How AR works?

AR is an Augmented Reality. So, it works without any type of special accessories or glasses. It just uses your iPhone or iPad camera to show you AR dimension. I’ll explain you, The games made with AR want access to your camera. They show a pops up when you open up AR game for the first time and ask you to give camera access. If you allow then you can play these games and these games show you background with help of camera and add some vfx like effects to show characters of games. If you don’t allow them to access camera then it will not work. You can see images to see what is AR. And also I’m telling you that the background or themes in these games are used the camera to make a real background. When you move your phone then the background will move as you do when taking pictures but the games holographic characters don’t move. To experience these games you need just an iPhone or iPad.

What is AR(Augmented Reality) a new dimension of gaming?I have also experienced AR dimension games and when I played these games for the first time then I was also shocked. And I hope you will also surprised when you experience first AR game. You probably love to play AR games my favourite AR game is Stack AR which is a best and logical game. I hope you like this post then please share it on any social networking app by clicking on the button below. AND if you want to get notifications on your email account when we upload any new technical new or hack then just click on Subscribe button present at the right side.

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