Here is the collection of best android hacking apps, most useful, top rated apps and games and latest andorid tricks 2019 and android hacks 2019 for your phone. i am giving the link of all the guides which you can open to get the respective methods and android hacking tricks. Read the complete guide below.

Best Android Apps, Tricks And Hacks 2019

1. Best ways to Bypass Android Fingerprint Scanner Security

If your android mobile is locked with fingerprint lock and you are unable to unlock it then follow this guide and get it unlock easily.

2. Recover Deleted Data In Android With Data Recovery Tools 2016

If you lost your data then this guide will help you as in this you learn about the recovery tools that you can use to recover any deleted data.

3. Best Tips To Make Your Android Secure From Security Threats

If your mobile is rooted then there are lots of security dangers and for that you must use this guide to come up from that and make your device safer.

4. 3 Ways to Hack Wifi using Android without Rooting

If you want to hack wifi then it is possible with your android and even there is no need of root as the apps in the guide will hack wifi.

5. 10 Top Best Android Apps for Earning Talktime

Make free talktime in your free time by downloading some promoting apps and getting the free talktime in your mobile for that.

6. How to Hack Wifi Passwords By Installing Kali Linux On Android

This is for advance users who know what Kali linux actually is and they can now install kali linux in their mobile and can hack wifi.

7. Top 20 Android Apps Used By Hackers For Hacking

If you have intererst in hacking then you must try these apps in phone.

8. How To Bypass Wifi Mac Filter In Android

Safe and best way to bypass mac filter security on any network that your mobile is connected to.

9. How To Hide IP Address In PC And Android Mobile 2016

Fake Your Identity by hiding Ip address in android.

10.  How To Track Freinds Location On Android 

 Friends location tracking guide using android.

11.  Best Way To hide Personal Pictures/Videos on Android 

 Android privacy guide to hide important data.

12.  How Your Android Device Can Work As a Mic For PC

Using Android as PC Mic.

13.  Best Android game cheats without rooting 2016 

Guide to patch games in android.

14.  How To Run Multiple Whatsapp After Rooting An Android 

Guide to run multiple whatsapp account in android after rooting.

15. Best Tricks & Tips For Android To Boost Battery Life

Increase battery life of your android mobile with this trick.

16. Best Tricks To Bypass Windows, iPhone, Android Lock Screen Security

Unlock Locked android with the guide.

17. How To Install Android Marshmallow 6.0 On Android

Get the android 6.0 install in your phone.

18. How To Make Android Phone Faster

Increase android working speed with this guide.

19. How To Hack WhatsApp In Android Device

Hack whatsapp accounts using android phone.

20. How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from your Android

Best and easy way to merge all the contacts which are duplicate with each other.

21. How To Hard Reset Any Android Phone

If android not working properly simply hard reset to get it to factory state.

22. How to Block 18+ Websites on Your Android

Make sure user using your phone stay away from these craps.

23. Best Android Secret Hacking Codes

Secret USSD codes for your mobile phone.

24. Best Custom ROMs For Rooted Android

Install the best custom roms after rooting your android mobile.

25. Top Best Rooted Apps 2016 For Android

Best apps to try after rooting your android.

26. How To Use Multiple Facebook Accounts On Android

Run multiple facebook accounts in your android mobile.

27. How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

Easily move all your contacts of your iphone with single click.

28. How To Get Paid Apps For Free In Android

Download all paid apps for free in your android mobile.

29. How To Backup Android Phone

Backup your android data with this guide.

30. How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android

Simple and easy way to revert back all the deleted photos of your android.

Use these Best Android Apps, Tricks And Hacks 2016 and boost your knowledge in this virtual world.


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