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Amazing Offers Of Google Tez App

Amazing Offers Of Google Tez App. Google Tez is a digital payment app. It connects directly to a bank account that you specify.It works like an Indian Government BHIM app but it has a better design. Google Tez app supports English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu on Android. On the iPhone, only English is supported.This app access a wide variety of smartphones in which is very easy to send and receive money from anyone.

Amazing Offers Of Google Tez App

With the help of Google Tez App, users can send money home to their families, split a dinner bill with friends.This app helps to replace cash transactions. Google Tez app offers a number of offers and benefits for users. Today I am going to tell you an amazing offer of Google Tez App.

Amazing Offers Of Google Tez App

This app is easily available on the Google Play store but in order to get started, we have to link it with it your bank account.You can also connect it with your Google account by entering your phone number After this, you will have to setup Google Pin, a secure lock system, which will be required every time you open the application.Google Tez App Offers the number of rewards and benefits apart from just safer and faster payments

There is also a cash mode option in Google Tez App which helps to make payment to any person without entering a phone number.Google Tez App Offers the number of rewards and benefits apart from just safer and faster payments.

Amazing and Exciting Offers On Using Google Tez App

#By Inviting a friend

Google Tez is offering Rs 51 to users if they invite a friend and he/she uses the app. You can invite and add as many people you want, but the offer is limited to April 1, 2018, and earn Rs. 9000 in a year.

#For earning up to Rs.9000

1 . Click on the ‘Invite Friends’ tab

2. Copy your referral link and share with your friends.

3. Once your friend installs the app using your link and makes his first transaction of Re 1 or more, you and your friend both would get Rs 51 free.

#Scratch Card

By every payment made above Rs, 50 will give you a scratch card and you can win up to Rs 1000 on a successful transaction (above Rs 50) made through the app.You could also win Rs. 100,000 every week by participating in Google Tez Lucky Sundays Contest.

To earn scratch card you just have to do this.

# Just send Rs 50 or more to any of your friends and ask them to send back

#You and your friend will earn a scratch card each which can be viewed by clicking on Rewards button

# Cash Mode

Google Tez App offers cash mode. When the Cash mode is switched on, the app relies on Audio QR for sharing money between the two devices; one user has to toggle the pay option, the other has to switch on the receive option. Users don’t have to share the number in this case, and once the cash is shared, both receive an alert about the transaction.


AQR is the sound-based format for transferring money securely between devices.This appears to be the first time that Google has used it for payments it has used ultrasonic sound for transferring information between devices.

Amazing Offers Of Google Tez App.I hope you enjoy these amazing and exciting offers by Google Tez App.


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