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5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android/iOS.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android/iOS. Now the days most of the people regularly click photos and post them on social networking apps. But uploading photos as they are clicked aren’t looked cool. So, they edit photos and after that upload them. This is very difficult to find best photo editing apps. Today in this post I’ll tell you about such 5 apps which are best photo editing apps according to me. They all are better than another. And they make photo editing very easy and convert boring pictures into awesome pictures by cool filters and effects. In this post, I’ll also tell you about the apps and in which field of editing they are best. So let’s have a look at this post.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android/iOS

1. Prisma.

Prisma is the latest app which gives an artistic effect to photos. There are bulk of different artistic filters which makes photo looks like portrait or painting. This is a free app and available on App Store and Play Store. This app was made 4-5 months ago and broke all records of most downloaded new apps. This is very easy to operate. You have to just select a picture then select any filter you want. After that save your photo. You can also make your background only looks artistic and your face will normal. This looks incredible. You can also see it in the picture. This app needs an internet connection to download filters from the internet. Once you had downloaded a filter then you can use this filter offline also. This app is made from a website named as Prisma. The website administrator or founder had made this app.

2. Enlight Photofox.

This is a new free version of the app named as Enlight. While Enlight is paid app but this Enlight Photofox is a free app on App Store and Play Store. This app is specialized in blending. This app blend photos and also give us different features of blending such as opacity of blending is also adjustable. Blending means to blend or mix two photos together. It mad photos awesome and cool. You can also see how cool is blending in the picture below. This app is made 2-3 months ago. The app developer is “Light tricks Ltd.” This is a stunning app and makes blending easily as ABC. Blending makes photos awesome. If you are interested in blending then this app is perfect for you.

3. Picsart.

Picsart is all time best photo editing app. This is one of the oldest photo editing app which is still considered as best one. This app gives you a bulk of features for photo editing. You can blend photos, add text, add frame, add stickers, draw, collage make and fx effects also. These all features are available in this app. The developer is named as “ Picsart Inc.” This app also gives artistic effects to photos with its new update. You can also make photos funny by adding stickers like horns and anger stickers. Some features aren’t works without internet. You can also use lens flare in photos to show shining sky in photos or pictures. This is an all-rounder photo editing app.

4. Youcam perfect.

Youcam perfect is an app which makes photos more beautiful. You can also change your face colour such as white or black. You can also add frames, add scenes, add text, remove anything from a photo and much more. This app also increases your height in photos and also make body slim. Yes, all these features are available in this app. Some other features are also available as remove blemishes or acne’s etc. You can also add frames. If you want to make your photo looks beautiful or handsome then this app is absolutely made for you. This app is absolutely free and available on App store and Play Store also. The developer of this app is named as “perfect corp.” I hope this will make your photos beautiful.

5. Photoshop Express.

This is really a great app. There are about more than 50 filters and about 20+ frames. You can also crop pictures in different ways in this app such as you can also make mirror effect in your photos. But you can’t make collages and can’t add text to your photos. This is only famous for its filters. You can download this app from play store and app store for free. This is only usable for you if you want filters in your photos. If you want artistic filters then you can’t add these filters because they aren’t available in this app. The filters are divided into different categories such as portrait, landscape, food etc.

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