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5 Best free AR Games

5 Best free AR Games.What are Augmented Reality Games?Most people of you know about Augmented Reality Games. If you have played any AR Game then you know that how cool are AR ( Augmented Reality) games and also love the experience of playing them but Most of Best AR games are paid on the app store. This becomes very difficult to find best free AR Games. I have played some free AR games and 5 of them are best according to me. In this post I’ll tell you these 5 games and also tell you about games like how to play the game, what is the main aim of the game etc.

5 Best free AR Games

Things I’ll tell you in this post, By which you can select a game which you want to play easily. So, let’s have a look.

5 Best free AR Games

1. DA! Minigolf.

It is best AR game according to me. In this game, you can experience Minigolf on your floor, table, street or anywhere. You have to place your iPhone camera towards the floor or any other surface and then a Minigolf track will appear on the floor. Every time a different track will appear. You can also play two players and can also select a difficulty level. The controls are very simple. Just you have to move your iPhone to hit the ball with a hockey stick. The graphics or Augmented Reality quality is very good. You can also see the game interface in the picture.

2. Flat Pack.

It’s a very interesting game. If you want to play a game for fun then this is best for you. This is a 2D and 3D game. Yes, it contains both graphics 2D and 3D. You have to move the game character by controls and The game will be in a cube. You have to move around to watch all faces of the game as a cube and move your player from one side to another side as shown in the image. This is a very interesting game. This game is very fantastic game. I bet if you play it once then you will play it again and again.

3. Stack AR.

This is made by Ketchapp company. This is a Stack game but contains AR technology. You can play this game with AR and also play simple AR game whenever you want. To play this game in AR you have to click on AR button which will be present at bottom of screen with another option. Your stack will appear like a tower in AR technology. This game is very awesome. You can play Stack on your table, street corner, bed etc.

4. AR Runner.

AR runner is really a futuristic game. In this game, you have to really run from one checkpoint to another but these checkpoints will appear only on your iPhone and you have to run from checkpoints as fast as you can. A time clock will appear on the top of the screen. This game also shows a warning to play in a safe space and pay attention to your surroundings. You can select the length of checkpoints as 2 meters, 4 meters and also select checkpoints according to their shapes as triangular or rectangular etc. This developer of this game is “Semidome” company.

5. My Country.

It’s a first-ever city builder game made with AR technology. You have to move your iPhone for watch side to side and for zoom move your iPhone near. You can even watch your country in the game with any angle and can see from a different view. This is a 3D Augmented reality game. This is a strategy game and also contains some online multiplayer options.

All the above games are free and also AR (Augmented Reality) Games. I hope you like this post and please share this post on any social networking app by clicking the button below.

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