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10 of the Best Paid search Tools

10 of the Top Best Paid search Tools 2017 – Paid search tools are also better than the free ones, and we believe that this is because the companies or the developers clocking the paid clipping to the tools so as to give up the users the quality tool made with lots of efforts. There are lots of tools that would help you assist your search efforts, but some of them are perfectly amazing in performing out the given tasks. To let you know about those best-paid search tools we have written up this article. Check for those paid search tools; just don’t worry to look for the best tools out there as we have shortened your work by listing best of them there in this article.

10 of the Best Paid Search Tools

#1 Conversion Optimizer or CPA Bidding

We have this tool listed on this place because this tool has all those three characteristics fitted inside the single interface. With that significantly increased conversion volume, this tool outperforms in the search as well as display. This tool could be easily used for daily bid management; the clever algorithms used by it could help you identify users most likely to convert. This help to save lots of time while managing the bid changes, and it is what most of the user might be looking for! This tool is available in the Google AdWords so you could open it by typing in the name of this tool on the Google search. Just using up the tool on the Google tell it your target CPA and the Google would automatically change the bids to maximized conversions set at the custom target. To know about the quality of the Conversion Optimizer, give it a try!

#2 Unbounce

While using the PPC the most important factor to be considered is the quality of the landing pages. Any page of the website on which the visitor is landing, the focused actions and activities could make it turn into increased conversion rates. Now working on the landing pages could be no easier because you could not guess what type of page would be great for getting an ultimate outcome. Unbounce is that great tool which we feel every of the PPC Ads utilizer should go for, making of those great landing pages becomes totally automated. The testing feature is also provided inside the tool to check rather if the generated page is of consistent quality or not!

#3 SEMrush

 Making the survey of your competitor’s websites or the businesses are what most of the professionals do recommend, but they also tell that for the sake of this purpose you would require to spend up a lot of time. While living in that advanced world, this should not be an issue because you could easily find an alternative tool to make that whole process automated. SEMrush is that particular tool that helps the users to know about the top competitors to their business, the average position of that category of business and the top keywords and ads. All these information is gathered from the organic or searches competitors, else than that it also tends to provide the complete depth information about the auction insights in AdWords and Bing Ads.

#4 SpyFu Kombat

Want to know that how much similar any two different websites are regarding their content, keywords or some other aspects? This could be done through the SpyFu Kombat tool. Note that this is important because you would never like to have your site consisting of that same material which any other website is already having in it. Talking about the material, this doesn’t mean the real content but about the text style which the Google doesn’t want to be same for any two sites. This tool could prove to help you generate your unique content which would, in turn, raise the ranking of your site considerably.

#5 Display Ad Builder

 Build up those professional looking image Ads within just a few of the minutes, you would not even require up to the knowledge of graphic designing but only using this simple tool will be all fine. This Ad Builder could be found there in the Google Adwords Ad gallery where you will also get up the predefined templates. Redesign those templates for your business needs and fit them perfectly onto your products, services.

#6 Excel Pivot Tables

 Testing your website regularly helps you to improve and optimize it even more, but this could not be the easy task to do that all multiple testings for any website and hence grasp that optimized results. Excel Pivot Tables could be used on a daily basis to test the keywords, search query data, landing pages, site links, etc. This should be the must to have tool if you wish to transform your site at blazing speeds!

#7 Tag Assistant

Tags are to be placed correctly such as to get that perfection to your site, making it lot easier for the search engines to look for your particular content and pages. Handling the tags could be a messy task and here is the place where the tag Assistant by the Google tool makes this happen in the portion of the time. This tool could only be accessed on the Google Chrome and none another way than that!

#8 Facebook Power Editor

 The Google Chrome add-on tool which could be used on the Facebook pages such as to manage up the things a lot faster. This tool is amazing and helps up the users to easily and quickly manage up those Ads, business-related pages, posts, etc. all.

#9 Google Trends

 You need to know about the interest of the traffic searching for the products of your business category on the internet. This is required so as to chose those perfect search keywords that would help you attract more traffic by ranking and making an appearance on the top of every other competitor!

#10 Excel Conditional Formatting

 Highlighting the duplicates or applying of colour scales are considered, the conditional formatting is the tool which has to be given better preference over any other tool. This tool is incredibly useful while you look for the large quantity data in the spreadsheets.

Hope that we have listed probably most of those best available search assisting tools, but still if you think that any of the tools should be there in this list then provide us with your noteworthy opinion through the comments below!


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